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Position: 230W Beam Light
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The Classic Product

230W Beam light


Voltage: AC110V-260V 50/60Hz
Ballast: E-ballast
Lamp: YODN 5R 200W/ 7R 230W
Color temperature: 8500K
Control signal: DMX512
Control channel: 18CH

Focus: linear adjustment
Dimmer: 0-100% linear adjustment 

1 Gobo wheels, 1 Color wheel, 16 facet prism. Fullcolor wheel

Technical Parameter

Voltage:AC110V-260V 50/60Hz

Ballast: E-ballast

Light Source: YODN 5R 200W/ 7R 230W

Color Temperature: 8500K

Average Lifespan: 2000H

Control Signal: DMX512

Control Channel: 18CH

N.W.: 13kg

G.W.: 15kg

Packing Size: 450×420×550mm


Color: 14 colors+open, rainbow effect

Gobo: 17 fixed gobos+open

Prism: Rotation 16 facet prism, Bi-directional rotation beam effect can be enlarged and deflation

Lens: High precision optical lens

Wash Effect: Adjustable wash effects angle

Iris: 7-class beam adjustment

Focus: Linear adjustment

Dimmer: 0-100% linear adjustment

Pan/Tilt: pan 540°,tilt 250°automatically accurate positioning

Beam angle: parallel beam angel 0-3.8°

Strobe: Double lens strobe(0.5-9 times/second)

Motor: 10pcs mute sound motor

Control mode: Standard DMX512, automatic and master, salve mode

Features: Remote control lamp's switch function, display light and lamp's using time, Automatically adjust cooling-fan's speed

Structure: Heat-proof plastic+module pressing alloy materials

IP Rate: IP20   

Channel Channel Function
CH1 Pan
CH2 Pan Fine
CH3 Tilt
CH4 Tilt fine
CH5 X/Y speed
CH6 Lamp on
CH7 Strobe
CH8 Fullcolor wheel
CH9 Color wheel
CH10 Gobo rotation
CH11 Gobo wheel
CH12 Gobo shaking
CH13 Prism
CH14 Prism rotation
CH15 No function
CH16 Focus
CH17 Lamp control
CH18 Reset
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