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Position: 295W Beam Light
The Classic Case
The Classic Product

295W Beam Light


Neolux 295W lamp

13 colors+opem

13 fixed gobo+open


Folding clamp is optional

Light Source

Light source: Neolux 295W

Ballast: Electronic Ballast

Color Temperature: 7500K

Lifetime: 2000H


Power Supply

Voltage: AC90-250V 50/60Hz

Power: 450W



Lens: Anti-reflective coated glass lens

Focus: Linear Motorized focus

Dimmer: 0-100% linear dimming

Beam Angle: 2 degree



Color Wheel: 13 colors +white, color fine tuning, rotation with variable direction and speed,with rainbow effect

1 Rotation Gobo Wheel: 17 gobos + white, wheel rotation and shake,

Prism: 16 facet prism and 16+8 facet Prism, bi-directional rotatable at variable speeds 

Frost effect+Rainbow effect

Strobe: 0-20 times/second

Motor: 3 phase motor

Fan with speed control board, can effectively reduce noise, protect the light



Control signal: DMX 512

Control Channel: 16CH

Control Mode: International standard DMX 512, Master/slave, Auto run, sound active. LCD display, DMX 3 pin or 5 pin locking XLR signal input


Working Environment

Working Temperature: -30-40 degree

Cooling System: No noise fan

IP Grade: IP20



N.W.: 17kg

G.W.: 19kg

Carton Packing Size: 480*410*590mm

Channel Function
CH1 Pan
CH2 Pan fine
CH3 Tilt 
CH4 Tilt fine
CH5 X/Y speed
CH6 Dimmer
CH7 Strobe
CH8 Frost/rainbow effect
CH9 Color wheel
CH10 Gobo wheel
CH11 Prism
CH12 Prism 1 rotating
CH13 Prism 2 rotating
CH14 Zoom
CH15 Lamp control
CH16 Reset

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